Al Franken: Minnesota’s Official State Clown

Posted July 28th, 2011 by Iron Mike

In the case of Minnesota – they got an obnoxious clown. When Al Franken was on Saturday Nite Live he was known for his cutting snarky sarcasm. Nothing has changed. Yesterday he was enjoying his TV time in the well of the Senate – and tried to make the point that without additional borrowing and spending we wouldn’t be able to fund the military, thus welcoming terrorists.
As has so often been the case with Franken, a poorly thought out message totally overtaken by the image of his obnoxious delivery. Minnesota and the Nation are stuck with this clown until January 2015.

Minnesota’s other socialist moonbat – Amy Klobuchar – is up for re-election next November. Hard to understand Minnesota’s 3 million voters – with these two left-wing loons – AND Michele Bachmann. You wonder what they’re drinking up there.

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