Acton’s Hayley Cooke Joins Mindless Mob

Posted December 6th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Schooled to be a Zombie?  Acton-Boxborough alumni ’11, – Hayley Cooke joins the mindless nationwide protests; – sits-in at Muhlenberg College [liberal arts college for B students] to protest death of Eric Garner.
Hayley Cooke - mindless protester

Would somebody ask this empty-headed junior MoonBat – [proud product of a socialist school system] – if she’s READ the Autopsy Report?

Hayley, have you ever protested the nationwide slaughter of Black Babies in American’s abortion mills?

Have you ever looked at the racial breakdown of murders in the United States?

Hayley, – did you EVER think for a moment that you ~ might ~ be being USED?

Did you ever ponder the chain of events that led a 48 year old father of 4 – with a 30+ year long criminal record – to be making a living selling loosies on a Staten Island sidewalk?

Is it ~ just possible ~ that a lifetime living in a very liberal state contributed to his resisting arrest,  – since he was on probation for selling loosies…?   Do you really see Eric Garner as a martyr?

Finally Hayley, as a Senior, – do you have a JOB lined up for after graduation?  Future employers will Google your name and find this stuff….

Hayley Cooke Junior MoonBat

Hayley took a job at a non-profit:    Hayley is currently an intern for the Jane Goodall Institute.  She recently graduated from Muhlenberg College with a B.A. in Media and Communication and Theatre.  She is interning for the communications department at JGI because she hopes to help Jane’s mission to “speak out for those [chimpanzees]…who cannot speak for themselves.”


UPDATE:   Wed 15 Feb 2017   Encounter with Hayley’s mom…

My sixth sense was tingling as I approached the meat counter. Still working! A middle-aged lady said “Excuse me,…”

It was Hayley’s mother – who wanted to tell me how unfair this blog entry is,…because every time somebody Googles her daughter – it comes up. “So unfair!”

Who is your daughter? (I’ve written about several stupid young women,…I was worried that it might be the BC Condom Queen.)

Hayley Cooke.

Aah yes,  the girl who joined a mob sitting in at a college in Pennsylvania.  You should have raised her better,….decisions and actions have consequences!

Well, I agree with her, – but it’s very unfair….”

Unfair” Diane?   Your daughter chose to disrupt her college campus over a 48-year old man in NYC – who was a repeat offender for selling loosies.  That was her ’cause’ – and yours too…?

Was she standing on a street corner trying to get a teenage black hooker to leave the life…?

Was she standing in front of an abortion clinic trying to save an unborn baby…?

Was she working in a hospital ER – trying to help some kid with a drug overdose…?

Was she protesting ISIS murders across North Africa and the Middle East…?

Diane,  your daughter bought and swallowed the left-wing Obama talking points about Black Victimization, hook, line, and sinker, – putting her future at risk to do so.

But being full of White Acton Liberal Privilege,…she chose to be an ass in a safe space – in a warm heated hallway with plumbing and fresh running water just steps away.

No danger there,…no personal physical risk,….just the local newspaper who took her picture,  printed the story,  – and a local Republican who passed it on to me….

EXPERIENCE:  That shit you get when you weren’t looking for it!

Diane, if you really think your daughter’s protest was justified,  – and centered on a truly worthy “victim” of police brutality,  – then your thinking and decision-making are out of whack,  – and poor Hayley probably carries that damaged gene….

At RRB we can only urge you to gather your news from a broader variety of sources,  – and NEVER believe the NY Times, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, or PBS.

When Eric Garner was the news of the day,  – there were plenty of papers and stations which ran the complete story – including the man’s 30-year long criminal history (since age 18).

Strongly urge you to help your daughter escape from the herd of sheeple.


8 Responses to “Acton’s Hayley Cooke Joins Mindless Mob”

  1. Flick

    I wonder if she even knows what she’s protesting? Why isn’t she at Northwestern University seriously protesting all the crime and murders that go unheralded in CHICAGO?

    In a year most of these kids will still be in this same position however holding signs saying “I’m ready for HILLARY.”

  2. KarenG

    Those kids are really just looking for a reason to blow off class and get extensions on taking their finals on the grounds of “emotional impairment” — a new twist on one of the oldest tricks in the book. GET BACK TO CLASS kids…

  3. kojack

    The sign on the right should read, “I can’t think!!!”.

  4. Carrot

    I’ve ALWAYS thought Hayley Cook was a moonbat!!

  5. Leonard Mead

    Hey – – -isn’t Acton a SANCTUARY CITY?

    Doesn’t that protect Hayley from this type of exposure? (heh heh)

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative

  6. Frank L McNamara, Jr.

    Great piece, Mike.

    Here is a suggested headline for it: “If your mind is too open … your brains will fall out.”

  7. FLICK

    You beast Mike. Did she use the term ‘mean-spirited’?

    Muhlenberg College is 3 miles from my home. In the same spirit of Sanctuary Cities it should be listed in the college catalog as a ‘Sanctuary College.’

    My neighbor who was a professor at Muhlenberg sports a Obama/Biden bumper sticker on his Prius. Enough said?

  8. Phil

    Stop preying on young girls and their mothers and hiding behind this blog, you coward. I recommend getting help:

    What is the difference between what she did and what you do on a daily basis? She stood up for a cause by holding a sign and you’re standing up for a cause by ruining girls lives. Shame on you.


    Hi Phil.

    (1). Strongly suggest you not do your blogging from your work computer.

    (2). The DIFFERENCE is that as a retired guy, – I don’t have to worry about potential employers googling my life.

    Hayley was naïve, thoughtless, and impulsive, – and she’ll pay a price for that for some years. She disrupted a campus – essentially she was trespassing.

    She’s also paying a real-world price for being raised in the liberal Acton-Boxborough bubble, – where kids are taught they can change the world with sit-ins and protest signs. She bought into the liberal bullshit her parents preached to her.

    Welcome to RRB, if you make additional comments use a real email address. You don’t want me calling down to Atlantic Avenue – do you?

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