A White House Divorce?

Posted April 2nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

The rumor mill is heating up, and there’s evidence to justify it.
An Obama Divorce
Short of a catastrophic event, – Americans may never know the full story of the Obamas.  Is he gay?  Was she born a man or a transvestite?  Were they ever in love?  Were the girls adopted?

In the long run these details may not matter, – lost in the overwhelming damage they have done to our Young Republic.  And now, if the rumors have any grounding, – things could be taking a sharp turn for the worse.

oblivious to the chillSomething happened prior to, during, and after that Christmas vacation in Hawaii.

You remember, when Obama came home early with the girls, “giving a birthday present of time alone / with Oprah” to Michelle.   Hmmm.

Seems he’d been unable to repair the damage of the South African ‘selfie’.

Then we’re told that despite being warned by WH staffers that their vacation tab was already over $150 million – Michelle insisted on the China trip – and took her mother along for spite.   They made no new friends for America while there….


If the Obama marriage is on the rocks; – if one or both of them are having affairs; – if they go through a divorce anytime soon; – why do we care?


1. The mainstream media will focus wall-to-wall coverage on all the intimate details – to the exclusion of the state of the economy or the affairs of state.   Real news will be swallowed by the black hole of an Obama Divorce.

2. Distracted,  preoccupied,  and frankly loving the minute-to-minute attention as ONLY a narcissist can,  Obama will ignore the threats from Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, and Mexico.  Our diplomats, our deployed troops, and our few remaining allies will be in grave danger, – because the bad guys will act up!

OK, so I’m nuts?  Go Google:  Michelle Obama + divorce   See if you don’t get over 55 million hits….  Then click on ‘images’….
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  1. Casey Chapman

    If they are trying to use the possible divorce as a distraction, Google is helping them out. Google does everything they can to help Obama.

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