A Scary Morning For Charlie Baker

Posted December 11th, 2013 by Iron Mike

I’m guessing that even Charlie Baker was stunned by the poor showing of the GOP in yesterday’s Special General Election for Congress in the Mass 5th.
working charlie baker
Frank Addivinola ran a clean, positive, high-road campaign – which steered clear of the emotion-laden social issues.  He was creamed by Katherine Clark – who barely bothered to campaign, and wouldn’t debate.  She knew she didn’t have to.

The Dems knew that they could run a low-key [i.e. stealth] campaign – and still turn out their voters – EBT Cardholders, unions, campus intellectuals, and government employees,…and win easily.   69% close enough?

Worse for Frank, and now for Charlie, – the Republican and ‘independent’ numbers were dreadfully low.  Clearly the MassGOP machine under the Mouseketeer – isn’t working.  Or worse still – isn’t there.

Now Charlie – if he really is running – has just 10 months to assemble a team and build an organization.

And he’s got some tough decisions to make.

The first is:  How can he generate support from libertarians, independents, conservatives, and those few religious folks still here who oppose either abortion and/or gay marriage?  How do you package a message – to reach voters who aren’t listening?

Do you embrace the TEA Party and the NRA, – or vilify them the same way Obama, Deval Patrick, and Nancy Pelosi do?

Do you say “America First”, – or sing “We Are The World”?

Coakley Never Saw ThisDo you campaign like a Democrat on “..crumbling roads, bridges, and schools…”,  

  – or do you talk about our $103 Billion state debt?  

Do you promise to clean the corruption out of Beacon Hill and State Government,

  – or do a Coakley – and pretend you can’t see or smell it?

Gee, I sure wish we had a REAL Republican to run for Governor next year!

6 Responses to “A Scary Morning For Charlie Baker”

  1. Tom

    If the 5th would elect Ed Markey why wouldn’t they elect Katherine Clark? This district is a microcosm of the whole state. There is not a single GOP congressional representative from the coast to the Berkshires. The Mass GOP is ineffectual where the Dems only have to make a few calls to the usual lackies. Charlie should be very worried, in addition to the 13% registered Republicans where will he get the extra votes? There may be a Libertarian in the mix that would not help Charlie. It really doesn’t look good for November 2014.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Too bad none of the real RePublicans run for office in this state.

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  4. Kojack

    Having guided Pilgrim Health out of bankruptcy and back into profitability, at least Charlie has some real-world business experience unlike Governor Devalue. However qualifications, values, motives and associations don’t matter to the massholes who outnumber republicans 3 to 1.

  5. Newton4G

    Iron Mike and Casey Chapman, I agree with almost everything you say here except I sure wish we had a REAL Republican to run for Governor next year! Too bad none of the real RePublicans run for office in this state.

    Republicans finally have someone in the race. Shrewsbury Small Businessman Mark Fisher announced he’s running for Governor.

    When I told Brian Camenker about Mark Fisher’s run, he said “I’ve known Mark Fisher personally for several years. He is a 100% solid guy on all the issues. This will be a lot of fun.”

    Brian Camenker told me about MARA, served as my predecessor of the Newton Taxpayers Association, currently runs the pro-family organization MassResistance as well as a Committeeman on the Newton Republican Ward 4 Ward Committee and helped derail the RINO Mitt Romney’s first presidential bid. So you can take it to the bank that Mark Fisher is a good Core Values Republican. http://www.wickedlocal.com/newton/news/lifestyle/columnists/x1992201800

  6. Hugh G Whiting Jr.

    I have found in my relatively few years (I am 27 years old) of elections living in this state, the sobering reality that people like me will never be able to convince enough of my fellow Bay Staters to make one iota a difference. I have heard it said before (It might have been here) that a society must hit rock bottom before you can convince people the true incompetence at best and malevolence at worst of our elected officials. History is full of governments that have crashed and burned with the populace lulled into complacency; or fiendishly led along the path to despotism and ruin.

    The sad case of Weimar Germany, and Russia in the closing years of WWI and the end of the Romanov dynasty. The public is kept mostly in the dark about the truth, and cares not to find the truth, as long as they have Iphones and American Idol. The other sad reality is the Conservative alternative has become decidedly in recent years more and more a reflection of the Democrats. We have become the party of “Pale Pastels” once again. There may be hope nationally but it must happen quickly.

    Baker doesn’t stand a chance