A Republican Fights Left-Wing Smears

Posted March 16th, 2014 by Iron Mike

It is so good to see a Republican stand up and fight back against the usual left-wing smears.   Jason Molotov Mitchell is running for the North Carolina State Senate – against an entrenched Democratic lawyerJosh Stein.  Of course the left-wing machinery circled the wagons and called him an ‘anti-gay filmmaker’.

Ya gott’a wonder:  how many MassGOP RiNOs would have this courage?

I think we’ll hear more about Molotov’s campaign during this year – the left will target him as representing all Republicans.

I just wish all Republicans came with his convictions and his courage!

Oh, you weren’t expecting Democrat Josh Stein to disavow the smear campaign, – were you?

4 Responses to “A Republican Fights Left-Wing Smears”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Too bad we don’t have any like him in our state. The republican politicians in our state roll over and play dead so fast, it MUST make the democrats’ heads spin.

  2. MC

    Too bad we don’t have one of more like him in every state.
    What a refreshing change.

  3. Mark

    That guy is AWESOME!

  4. John

    Wow! This guy is incredible, more real politicians should follow his example.