2,300,000 Full-Time Jobs LOST!

Posted February 4th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Oh, the pain of unintended consequences,
like voting for ‘free stuff’, – only to lose your job!
 2.3 million jobs lost

Congressional Budget Office scores ObamaCare: – 2.3 million jobs will be lost over 10 years.  We can only hope most of them were two-time Obama voters.

Anybody reading this think Obama cares if you or a family member loses their job?  Remember their big lie about “30 million people dying in the streets”…?   Still believe it?

2 Responses to “2,300,000 Full-Time Jobs LOST!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Pelosi looks estatic. either she’s having a moment, or some of her botox has imploded.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Humpty Dumpty Obama is ready for a great fall. All of these lies, miscues and iilegal executive orders and pure malfeasance of office will knock him of his perch. This time all the media darlings and syncophants will not be able to put him back together again! We can hope!!