2017! The Year We’ve All Been Waiting For!

Posted December 30th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Happy New Year You American Patriots!

We’ve been waiting for 2017 to come and deliver us since Nov 4th 2008 – that dreadful night…

We’ve been spared – God seems to have seen that we’ve suffered enough,…and guided the hands of enough voters to put two patriots in office – to clean up this 8-year disaster.

It ~ may ~ have just been a noble experiment,  – or maybe just the accumulation of so-called liberal white guilt,  – but the American experiment with an AA/EEO president failed miserably,  – chiefly because the man Democrats selected back in 2008 is such a deeply flawed person,  – with so much hate in his heart….

Rejoice, Party Hearty (but carefully) and savor these moments…..

.and recognize that our work is far from done.  

62 million voters just knowingly voted for the crook;  – some because they truly wanted a woman,  – others out of fear that Republicans would cut off their dole….or deport them.

In California an untold number of illegals were allowed to vote,…all in the belief that Hillary would find a way to make them legal citizens – and of course Democrat voters.

Those illegal Mexican voters undoubtedly account for her “winning the popular vote”.

So this weekend lift a glass and toast the wisdom of our Founding Fathers – who understood that evil lurks in the hearts of those who crave power,  – and so they gave us the Electoral College….

And PLEASE Americans – start teaching young people the History of our Nation,  and the History of the bloody 20th Century.

What they’re getting in their public schools (and in liberal private schools) is utter crap – often warped and twisted to where you wouldn’t recognize it. 

If you want them to grow up FREE,  – teach them HISTORYwhile you’re still alive.

Then teach them how to handle firearms!

Happy 2017 You Patient American Deplorables!

8 Responses to “2017! The Year We’ve All Been Waiting For!”

  1. Jim

    Good riddance, scumbags. Try to stay out of the limelight. The USA has returned to being governed by the adults again. Your place is just over there, in oblivion. Try not to return. You’re not wanted here any longer.

    Ooops, did I say that out loud? 🙂

  2. Asusue

    Happy New Year, Mike! Wish we were close enough to raise a glass to the new year and our young republic.

  3. Mt Woman

    This year, midnight December 31 is not the time to lift the glass in celebration of a new beginning, it is January 20, 2017. Who would have seen this as our future this time last year–certainly not I. GOD truly has a vision to protect and preserve America and our liberty.
    Keep up the good work in 2017 Mr Iron Mike. I truly learn more from you, Mike and from those who comment than from the media.

  4. MC

    On New Years Eve I will lift a glass with you but not with spirits but with the knowledge that we are going to have to work harder than ever to free our Republic from the stench of the last 8 years.

    We will have to keep a pertinacious effort to find the truth and pray that God will lend a helping hand to President Trump in his undertaking to Drain the Swamp of corrupt politicians and to bring our republic back on the right course of action.

    Happy New Years 2017 to each of you and God Bless our Republic.

  5. Raymond Smithson

    Amerikkkans tend to choose sides like it was a game, folks this game was close all the way for the last eight yrs. would like to see congress come together for the first time in a long time, most of all I would like to see all of the papers that Obama has hidden from you and me, school , collage etc. Who is this man? all in all give em hell Donald J. Trump.

  6. Sherox

    We cannot rest. The time is now to reclaim our party.

  7. Catherine

    We cannot rest; the time is now to reclaim our COUNTRY and to re-teach our heritage!

    We have SO much to offer: those well-meaning lefties who do NOT realize they have been/are being LIED to want justice, equity in law, the worth of every person recognized.

    THE CONSTITUTION PROMISES ALL THOSE THINGS! Those ARE the ideals of this country! I tell people all the time: if you want justice, if you want opportunity, if you want equal treatment, if you want every person’s intrinsic worth validated and honored – then YOU are a staunch supporter of the US Constitution – you just don’t know it because it has been hidden from you. It does get attention!

  8. Blossom Stiefel

    Trump’s election is a victory for the world. Americans sent a clear message to the Democrats during the 2016 election, rebuking their cronyism and corruption by electing a true outsider to the realm of politics.

    We are so blessed, Our President Trump and his Republican Congress will do the hard, painstaking work of rolling back the size and power of the federal government. They will work to undo the fiasco of the last 8 years. What a great celebration this Inauguration will be. Thank G-d for this wonderful time in our history.

    America once again will become the beacon of light and hope of the world. AMEN!!!!!

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