2016: Democrats Already Scared?

Posted January 27th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Two recent items have me convinced thatHillary vs Mitt 2016 Democrats are terrified about being swept from office – first in this year’s Mid-Terms, – then more decisively in 2016.

Ponder the NY Times Magazine already announcing ‘Planet Hillary’, and a day later left-wing columnist Kimberley Atkins speculates about another Romney Run…

Is the ‘media’ trying to set the stage for a Hillary shoe-in?

Are they using the image of wealthy [and ~ shudder ~ Mormon] Mitt Romney as a scare tactic?  OR,  is Mitt seen as an acceptable consolation prize, – since after all, he was the author of Romney Care?

Obama ChosenSuddenly ‘Cherokee’ Warren and Andrew ‘you ain’t welcome’ Cuomo are also being discussed, – while Joe Biden and John Kerry are being dismissed.  One might conclude that the far left wing of the DNC – i.e. the die-hard socialists – really want to scrap our Constitution and lead us quickly to European Socialism.

I’m sure the Chinese will be glad to fund those campaigns!

So while fumbling Republicans can’t even see a clear path to November 2014,  Democrats as usual are already planning the next presidential go-round, and are attempting to set expectations – for both sides.

Of course they’ll quietly ignore such REAL Republicans as Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Allen West, Ben Carson, Scott Walker and RiNO Chris Christie.
2016 GOP Potentials 

Far more comforting for them to visualize a series of Hillary v Romney debates. 

2016 Debate Topics

Then they can have their faithful talking heads discuss Ann Romney’s horse, – and not the Benghazi Massacre.
Mitt v Hill debate

I think you’ll see Hillary add to her war chest during 2014 by making speeches [highly paid speeches] – campaigning for Democrats in key senate races, – and steadily saying things which ~ will seem ~ to give her a degree of separation from the Obama Cartel.

Because I think most Democrats now see Obama as a FAILED MESSIAH, and they can see these next three years as an albatross around the neck of any Democrat.  Their ‘Messiah’ failed them, so did Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. 

Now they’ll pin their hopes on Hillary, – unless she gets sick.  Then it will be Cuomo and Warren… – God Help Us!

Cuomo and Warren

Either way – either Democrat leading the ticket, Obama and ObamaCare will be thrown under the Socialist Bus.  You’ll hear many voices saying “…the great experiment failed, – it’s time to move to a single-payer system,…because children are dying…”   Always the great lie….

Always easier to focus on dying children [even if there aren’t any] than Democrat [Obama] failures in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, – and our own inner cities.

Democrat candidates and their PACs will continue to talk about the GOP’s “War on Women” – ignoring their own war on babies!

The battleground will be our US Constitution and American Sovereignty! Who will uphold it, – vs who intends to ignore and destroy it.

Flush RiNOsCertain liberal ‘Republicans’ – RiNOs such as William Kristol, John McCain, and Mitch McConnell, seem determined to help the Democrats by bashing and vilifying Conservatives such as the TEA Party and anybody who is against blanket amnesty.  As we’ve said before – time to flush your RiNOs!

By 2016 Iran will have nuclear bombs.  It’s going to be tough to blame THAT on George Bush!  If an Iranian-Israeli war hasn’t already begun, it will then be imminent.  Low-information Americans – i.e. most democrats, – won’t have a clue…  Hillary, – or Cuomo and/or Warren will only be talking about the ‘GOP War on Women; – because none of them understand Iran or Twelvers.  Worse, they don’t care!

Watch for little things….  Will the DNC return to their familiar Donkey logo, – or stay with the Obama O?
2016  Which Image



2 Responses to “2016: Democrats Already Scared?”

  1. Walter Knight

    A ‘peace’ candidate may emerge on the democratic side because many democrats don’t think Clinton is liberal enough. Clinton has always campaigned by announcing herself the winner before anyone votes. That’s how Obama came out of nowhere to beat her in the primaries and caucuses.

    I doubt the liberals will change their strategies much. They arrogantly think they already have the votes to win. They only need to bus voters to the polls as many times as possible.

  2. Casey Chapman

    I heard Mitt say, that he isn’t interested in running again. I am laying low on Massachusetts’ Republican politics for now. We don’t have any leadership. Not even worth going to the statewide meeting.